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    Omics Discovery Index is an integrated and open source platform facilitating the access and dissemination of omics datasets. It provides a unique infrastructure to integrate datasets coming from multiple omics studies, including at present proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics. OmicsDI stores metadata coming from the public datasets from every resource using an efficient indexing system, which is able to integrate different biological entities including genes, proteins and metabolites with the relevant life science literature.
  • OmicsDI major partners

    OmicsDI has been built with the collaboration of multiple consortia and individual databases. This collaboration has enabled the standardization of the metadata across multiple resources and omics type. Each consortium group a set of databases around the same topic (e.g. proteomics) and has previously agree in a common metadata including Ontology Terms, Study Design, etc. At the same time, OmicsDI has collaborated with other individual archives and databases such as ArrayExpress or EGA.